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Alpha Project develops microcomputer embedded systems.
We primarily design and develop the "Alpha Board" CPU board.
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"Alpha Board" is an original board computer with Hitachi 32-bit RISC "SuperH™"(SH) Processor.
The features of an Alpha Board are high performance and a low price, and are suitable for embedded apparatus or the research-and-development use.
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The SuperH™ is a 32-bit RISC Processor developed and manufactured by Hitachi Ltd.
RISC architecture, the compact system with high code efficiency at the fixed 16-bit length, achieves high performance while minimizing power requirements. We offer a variety of products and a highly efficient development environment to support this range of products. We continue to develop the SuperH™ as the SH-1, SH-2, SH-3 and SH-4 models that will be at the center of the IT age. The SuperH™ has become the representative RISC Processor.
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